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Dandridge "Dede" Davis is an abstract artist from Richmond, Virginia. She paints large, abstract acrylic paintings as well as smaller encaustic (beeswax) paintings. Born in Charlottesville, VA and having grown up throughout Virginia, Europe, Colorado, and California helped to mold her unique style. She received a BA with honors in Studio Art from Hollins University in 1989, where she had a sell out senior exhibit. Her shows span from 1994 at Abbott's Habit in Los Angeles, CA to Dec 2011 at Quirk Gallery and Nov 2016 VCU Health Massey Cancer Clinic at Stony Point, Richmond, VA. In 2011, the Federal Reserve, acquired one of her large pieces for their permanent collection. "There are times when we need a respite from society. Our souls are yearning for a non-verbal place, a higher elevation on which to reflect. From this vantage point we can see nature in an abstract form. Identify basic human emotion. This is both rare and magnificent. My intention, when painting, is to elevate the viewer to this state. For a brief moment the viewer is challenged to let go and allow their minds to relax on the simple forms of nature through texture, shape and color."

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